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Our Mission and Rules For Wine


Where did 7C's come from?

Our last name starts with a 'C' with Dwight, Jean and our 4 children that made 6 C's. Jean's mother asked if we wanted another investor since her last name also starts with a 'C' also
so she became the 7th 'C'
We thought about a nautical theme but we are in the middle of cattle country and a western theme made more since.
So 7C's is our Brand


About Us

Dwight and Jean Anne Crevelt and Jean's mother Irene Cassens are the owners of 7Cs Winery . Dwight & Jean Anne are originally from the Midwest and are returning to fulfill their dream of owning a winery and vineyard. Or to quote our oldest daughter, "Dream or mid-life Crisis, most people buy a sports car, but not you, you are going to open a winery".

Dwight was born in Kansas City, Missouri and spent many summers growing up on his grandparents' farm outside Walnut Grove. His dad James, was born in Jefferson City and his mother Louise, was born in Mountain Grove.

Jean Anne was born and raised in Sigourney, Iowa along with her parents Charles and Irene Cassens and several generations of their family.

Dwight and Jean Anne met at Iowa State University and moved to Las Vegas where Dwight has worked in the Gaming Industry for the past 37+ years.

They have raised 4 children (The 4 M's) in Las Vegas, Michael, Michelle, Matthew and Megan.

Our future is to grow grapes and produce wine and mead. Jean Anne has taken classes with the Viticulture and Enology Science and Technology Alliance (VESTA-USA.org) through Missouri State Univ. to get her Certificate in Viticulture and Certificate in Enology.

In preparation for opening the winery Dwight and Jean Anne have had been making wines as 'amateurs' and have won several awards in competitions around the country.


7Cs Winery Commercial Winery Awards

Alfalfa Mead - Gold 2014 Missouri State Competition
Wildflower Mead - Silver 2014 Missouri State Competition
Clover Mead - Sliver 2014 Missouri State Competition
Swashbuckler - Silver 2014 Missouri State Competition
Vikings Heart - Bronze 2014 Missouri State Competition
Mid Life Crisis - Bronze 2014 Missouri State Competition

Wildflower Mead - Silver Medal 2010 Missouri State Competition



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