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Grapes We Are Planting


NORTON norton

The official state grape of Missouri is the Norton.  The Norton grape or it is sometimes called the Cynthiana grape is known as the oldest cultivated Native American grape.  It is named for  Dr. D.N. Norton of Richmond, Virginia who grew and produced wines from Norton in the 1800’s.  However, there is no documented evidence that credits Dr. Norton with creating the grape.  The origin of the grape is still unknown but there are numerous theories that have been offered. 

Prior to prohibition Norton wines were highly valued in both the U.S. and Europe. Even winning a gold medal at the Vienna World Exhibition in 1873.  Vintners are able to produce high-quality, dry table wines from the Norton. 



CATAWBA catawba

Catawba grapes are an American Grape that grew wild in North Carolina. This purplish-red grape has a rather sweet flavor. It is typically in season from September to November and can be used in wines, juice, jams and jellies.

Wine-growers were introduced to the Catawba grape in the 1800’s by Major John Adlum of Georgetown. Although usually classified as Vitis labrusca, Catawba is widely believed to have at least some Vitis vinifera in its background.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow a lover of fine wine, and was really impressed with the Catawba wines. In 1854, Henry wrote an “Ode to Catawba Wine”.


CHAMBOURCIN chambourcin


Chambourcin is a late-ripening grape.  It is a French-American hybrid grape.   The berries are a deep purple color and is greatly aromatic.  Chambourcin was originally known as 26205.  The variety was developed in France by the famed hybridist Joannes Seyve;  It was only later, around 1963, that the variety was given its name.

Wines from this grape are higher in tannins than other French-American hybrids.   Chambourcin can be considered  nearly a winemaker’s dream.  Winemakers can make a wine that is medium- to full-bodied or a light fruity rose can be made from Chambourcin. 



TRAMINETTE traminette

Traminiette is a white wineproducing grape, a hybrid cross, with a flavor character and aroma profile similar to its most famous parent, the acclaimed Gewürztraminer. A garden of floral scents and perky, spicy flavors
make Traminette very popular with winemakers and wine drinkers and is well suited to several different
wine styles ranging from dry to sweet.

Developed in New York and released for production in 1996, this newcomer is steadily gaining an appreciative audience. Regions now growing and producing Traminette include Missouri, New York, Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Thanks to the grape’s parentage, viticultural strengths include disease resistance and cold weather hardiness,
which make Traminette very suitable to Missouri’s growing conditions.






Vidal Blanc or Vidal is a French hybrid. It is a very productive and versatile white grape that can be made from dry to sweet. Vidal also can be blended with other white wines.
It was developed in 1930 from the Ugni Blanc and Rayon D’Or grapes.






Vignoles (Ravat 51) is a French-American hybrid from the Seibel 8665 and Pinot de Corton grapes.
It is a very versatile and delicious white grape.
Vignoles produces wines in many different styles from dry to sweet.
One of the most popular style is a dessert wine as the fruit has a high sugar content (brix) when harvested late in the season.




Golden Muscat is an American-European hybrid introduced in 1927.
Its ancestry is from the Muscat Hamburg and Diamond grapes.
The berries are large and have a golden-green skin.
When fully ripe they are sweet and juicy.









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