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For Immediate Release

7C’s Winery Announces Wine in a Pouch

7C’s Winery in Walnut Grove has announced its wines and meads will be available in recyclable plastic pouches. These come in Three Sizes: 750 ml holds 4-6 glasses; 375 ml holds 2-3 glasses; 187 ml holds 1-1.5 glasses. http://www.7cswinery.com/images/pouch.jpg

These pouches allow one to enjoy wine where glass bottles are not allowed. They travel better, cool quicker and do not require a corkscrew. Current 7C’s Clover Mead is available in these pouches. More wines and meads will be added as bottling continues.

A fourth size of 1.5 liters is available upon request for restaurants and bars for ‘by the drink’ sales eliminating the waste of open bottles oxidizing.

Greener than Glass

  • Recyclable with reduced environmental impact
  • 85% reduced carbon footprint compared to glass
  • Lightweight & easy to carry
  • Fridge friendly & quick chill times
  • Durable leak proof tap
  • Stays fresh once opened
  • No corkscrew needed
  • FDA compliant, BPA free

7C’s Winery is located 1.8 miles north of Walnut Grove MO off Hwy 123 on 560th Rd.
The Winery opened 4 years ago and produces wine and mead (wine made from honey). Their motto is “Drink What You Like and Like What You Drink” they offer wines from dry to sweet and everything in between.

7C’s Winery is one of the few wineries that produce Mead, which is an ancient and medieval drink. In fact in medieval times “a new married couple would be given a moon’s worth (month) of honey wine to insure offspring – hence the term ‘Honeymoon’”.

For Upcoming Events check their website www.7cswinery.com and their facebook page www.facebook.com/7cswinery  Phone 417-788-2263



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7C's Winery 502 E 560th Rd Walnut Grove MO 65770 417-788-2263