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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                      June 2, 2014
7C’s Winery
Dwight Crevelt

Missouri celebrates the Vidal grape

            Missouri has an award-winning wine industry despite the demanding weather patterns. The Vidal Blanc grape is a varietal that thrives in the state, used to make a range of wines, including sweet to dry, dessert and sparkling. Missouri wineries and the Missouri Wine and Grape Board are featuring this versatile varietal for the entire month of June.
            The Vidal Blanc grape is often used to make dry to sweet wine with fragrances of a fresh summer garden. This wine encompasses clean, citrus fruit flavors of apples and lemon. Simple, fresh ingredients like basil and garlic, as well as seafood and poultry, are best with this wine.
            7C’s Winery will release Stagecoach its Dry Vidal Blanc this month to go along with its Cattle Drive White, a semi-sweet Vidal Blanc. Later this year 7C’s will also release Autumn Gold its sweet version of Vidal Blanc.  Check our website and facebook page for release dates and our event schedule.  www.7cswinery.com facebook.com/7cswinery  
            During the month of June, Missouri wineries will feature Vidal with wine releases, special events, themed tastings and much more. There are nine wine trails in Missouri wine country. Everyone from wine enthusiasts to those new to the wine scene will have the opportunity to get acquainted with this quintessential Missouri varietal.
            Visit the Ozark Mountain Wine Trail ozarkmountainwinetrail.org to try several styles of Vidal Blanc wines and enjoy some good ole Ozark Country Hospitality.

            Information about all Missouri varietals, wineries and trails can be found on the Missouri Wine and Grape Board website, www.MissouriWine.org.




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